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Main Library

  • Source:Library of Cultural Affairs Bureau,Hsinchu City
  • Date:2014-07-28

  • Contact Information:

Tel: 03-5319756
Open Shelf Reading Area: 237
Baby Rabbit Library: 235
Audio-Visual Room: 234
Periodicals Room: 236

  • Transport Information:
    Main Library: 30054 No.1, Lane 15, Sec. 2, Dongda Rd., Hsinchu City, Taiwan.
    After exiting the freeway at the Hsinchu Interchange, continue on towards the city center along Sec. 2, Guangfu Rd. Go on to the viaduct when you see it and keep going towards the city center (along Dongda Rd.). Turning back when you pass Jingguo Rd, you should see the Bureau of Cultural Affairs.
    Walking from Zhongzheng Rd in front of Hsinchu Train Station to Beida Rd. Continue on Beida Rd and turn right into Yanyi Rd. Then you will arrive at the Bureau. It takes about 20 minutes to walk.
    Hsinchu City Bus:
      1. Route 55: Get off at Cultural Center.
      2. Route 12: Get off at Cultural Center.