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About Us

Nan-Liao Branch Library

  • Source:Library of Cultural Affairs Bureau,Hsinchu City
  • Date:2014-07-28

      The Nan-Liao Library was established in July, 2004 under the direction of former Mayor Lin. Since then the library has been a treasured place of learning for the community members and students. However because of the small space, run-down facilities and ever increasing demands of the community members for faster and increased reading opportunities the library was unable to meet the reader’s needs. Luckily in recent years the Ministry of Education has been promoting the “Public Library Reading Environment” Space Improvement Plan. In order to allow local citizens to enjoy a more pleasant reading environment and better library recourses, the city and local government teams worked hard to obtain 1.65 million NTD in grant funds in June, 2002. The city government also allocated 740,000 NTD for the project, making a total of 2.40 million NTD of funds to be used for the renovation of the library. In August of the same year plans were designed for the project, in December construction contracts were awarded. After construction during January to May of 2003 the Library was reopened for operation on May 25th.

Goals of Operation

  1. Create a reader-centered comfortable and natural reading environment. Build a minimalist yet beautiful and functional library.
  2. Promote parent-child reading, provide reading materials which can satisfy the educational needs of different family structures.
  3. Develop the characteristics of the library: Children’s books, parent-child education, fishing and marine culture, etc.
  4. Plan diverse reading activities to allow the library to become a lifelong center of learning for the community and friendly neighbor.