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Main Library !!The building is being renovated in progress!!

  • Source:Library of Cultural Affairs Bureau,Hsinchu City
  • Date:2014-07-01

      The Hsinchu City Bureau of Cultural Affairs Library traces its origins back to October 31, 1986, when the Hsinchu County Government refurnished the "C.K.S. Memorial Hall" built in 1980 to create the Hsinchu Municipal Culture Center Library. It then became the Hsinchu Municipal Library on March 1, 2000, before finally adopting its current title.

      In August 1999 the central government passed the "Regulations Governing Local Administrative Agencies Organizations” so the Culture Center became part of the city government establishment as the Bureau of Cultural Affairs. The Library retained the use of the old cultural center and became a tier-2 city government body. It was the only public library in Hsinchu City and answered to the Bureau of Cultural Affairs until July 1, 2004, when it officially merged into the bureau.
The Siangshan Branch of the Hsinchu City Bureau of Cultural Affairs Library was first founded on November 1, 1985, after much campaigning by local elder Mr. Pan-hui Chen. Chen lobbied the central, provincial and county governments for infrastructure funding then donated NT$1 million with his brothers to build a library. At the time, the library was named the "Yang-Ching Chen Library" in memory of his father. The library's management was later turned over to the Hsinchu Municipal Culture Center after it was established on October 31, 1986. Planning on library automation began in 1992. After the re-cataloging of library resources was completed in July 1994, library automation was implemented and officially integrated with the main library in April of 1996.