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Use Rule

Guidelines for Use of the Common Database

  1. To use the common database please first go to the counter to register and go to our seat to use the system according to the order you registered in. If there is someone using the computer you can reserve a spot in advance for 30 minutes of use. When the time is up you must register again, you can only continue to use the same computer if no one else has registered to use it.

  2. Each person can only register or reserve a spot twice in one day and cannot register or reserve two times in a row. If you do not get to your spot within 5 minutes of the reserved time it is assumed that you gave up your rights for it. Registration and reservation are limited to same day use, if the registration or reservation time has passed, please register again.

  3. The computers used to access the common database are only provided for the use of the internet. In order to effectively use recourses the computers cannot be used for social media browsing, chatting, playing games or viewing pornographic websites. If someone is discovered participating in the mentioned activities they must immediately stop using the computer and leave the library.

  4. In order to allocate costs effectively and avoid wasting resources we provide a printer for our readers to use and require readers to pay a fee for printing. Electronic information can be printed on the A4 paper provided by the library. For black and white printing every page costs 2NT. We do not provide services for magnifying, shrinking, cutting, combining or editing the content to be printed. If there are if there are undesirable marks or unclear ink color on the printed document, unless the library’s printer is malfunctioning, you cannot get your money back.

  5. In order to protect the computer, please do not turn it off on your own.

  6. These guidelines go into effect after being approved by the Council Secretary of the Bureau, the same is true for revisions to the guidelines.

  • Source:Library of Cultural Affairs Bureau,Hsinchu City
  • Date:2014-07-28