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Use Rule

Instructions for Reserving Library Materials

  1. Anyone with a library card from our library and a personal email address can arrange to reserve library materials.

  2. To reserve library materials go to the website, click on “library search” and search for the materials that you would like to reserve. We do not except reservations over the phone or through other methods.

  3. Each library card may reserve 5 books (including magazines) and 3 audio-visual materials. Each library material can be reserved by up to 10 people.

  4. Only those materials which are “already checked out” or “already reserved” may be reserved.

  5. When a reserved book or material becomes available at the library we will notify you via email.

  6. Readers who have reserved library materials should go to the “My Study” section of the website and check the status of their reservation.

  7. Reserved books will be held for a maximum of 7 days, audio-visual materials for 4 days, starting from the day after the materials are returned to the library. After this time limit has passed the reservation is considered canceled. The time limit will be extended if the library is closed for holidays for the corresponding number of days.

  8. If you would like to cancel your reservations before the reserved materials have arrived at the library you can go to the “Check Personal Borrowed Materials” section of the website, enter the “Personal Study” and cancel the reservations. In order to avoid unnecessary wastes of recourses and to quickly get materials to those users who truly need them, reserved materials that have already arrived at the library and materials which were transferred from another library cannot have their reservation canceled.

  9. Those users who have a reserved book that has arrived at the library and don’t come to pick it up will get a “failure to pick up reserved material” mark on their record. If they receive 3 such marks in a span of 6 months they will be unable to reserve any additional library materials.

  10. These rules will go into effect after being approved by the Council Secretary, and can also be revised via the same method.

  • Source:Library of Cultural Affairs Bureau,Hsinchu City
  • Date:2014-07-28