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Use Rule

Inter-Library Loaning and Return Policy for Public Libraries of the Hsinchu City Cultural Bureau

I. Checking Out of Inter-Library Loaned Materials

  1. Available for general library books with a status of “Normal” or “May be checked out” (does not include children’s books, magazines or audio-visual materials)

  2. Each library card my check out a limit of 4 books loaned from another library and the owner must have a personal email address to do so.

  3. To transfer a book between libraries log onto our website to specify which library you would like to pick the book up at. The libraries deliver the books every Thursday, and send out notification emails every Friday for readers to come pick up their books, the time limit for picking up books is the next Wednesday.

  4. Before the book is transferred the reader may cancel the transfer online. If there is a record of 3 or more instances in the last 6 months of a reader transferring books but not coming to pick them up their book transfer privileges will be suspended for a month.

  5. If the reader comes to the library to pick up the transferred book they are given priority for checking it out.

  6. New books that have arrived at the library in the last 3 months may not be loaned between libraries.

II. Inter-Library Return of Loaned Materials

  1. Books borrowed from municipal public libraries may be returned to other locations (includes children’s books, magazines and audio-visual materials).

  2. Overdue books can also but returned at different locations, but only after the suspension of checkout rights has passed can the reader checkout more books.

III. Application to Checkout Inter-Library Loaned Book

  1. 1. Readers may log onto the Hsinchu City Cultural Bureau website ( to search for the book that they wish to check out, click on the bibliographic details, and click on the inter-library borrowing option below.

  2. Log into with your personal account and password (If you have already logged in you can skip this step)

  3. Choose which library location you would like to pick up the book at, click on the inter-library checkout and button in the front to complete the process.

  4. The first time you apply for an inter-library transfer you have to enter your personal contact and email details again.

  5. After the application is completed a success notification and case number will appear.


  1. If the user’s personal information does not include an email address they cannot apply for inter-library transfer checkout. 

  2. If a reader wishes to cancel and inter-library transfer request they can log into their Personal Study, click on the “Internet Checkout Application Progress”, and click on the “Cancel” option for the request that they wish to cancel.

  • Source:Library of Cultural Affairs Bureau,Hsinchu City
  • Date:2014-07-25