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Use Rule

Book Checkout Rules of the NanLiao Library

I. Library Card Application

  1. Any Taiwanese Citizen (should bring their National ID Card, Driver’s License or Household Registration), Foreign Citizen (should bring their ARC Card or Passport) can apply to receive a municipal public library card (original copies of the previously mentioned forms of ID are needed for application)

  2. An applicant needs to come to the library in person to apply for a library card. Those applicants who cannot come in in person should entrust an immediate family member or spouse to come to the library to apply for them (they need to show the National ID Cards and Household Registration of both parties).

  3. A library card from our library can be used at all Hsinchu City municipal libraries. Each person is limited to one library card. If your library card is lost or damaged you should come to one of the municipal public libraries to apply for a replacement.

  4. Readers who have lost their library card should first come to a municipal public library to report the lost card and terminate the card’s checkout ability. The checkout ability will be restored once the replacement card has been received. Readers will a damaged card should return the damaged card. When applying for a replacement card, the relevant forms of ID (mentioned in “Rule 1”) should be brought and a fee of NT100 will need to be paid.

  5. Application for library card services end 1 hour before the library’s closing time. 

II. Checkout Related Information

  1. A library card may only be used by the owner or immediate family. Family members must not switch library cards and renew checkouts.

  2. An individual may not apply for multiple library cards, and library cards may not be lent to others to use. If it is found that an individual applied for multiple cards, has let their card to others or has borrowed another’s card their library materials checkout rights will be canceled and will be dealt with according to the law. Any damages will be the responsibility of the original owner of the card. Those who are proven to have used someone else’s card under false pretenses must return all of the materials they checked out, and will have their checkout rights terminated.

  3. When returning checked out books and materials you should return them to the library that you checked them out at. If you checked them out from Library A return them to Library A. You should also follow all of the rules of the individual libraries.

  4. Every library card can check out a limit of 10 items including books and back issue magazines. Each library card can check out a limit of 3 audio-visual items. The number of items that can be checked out on one card includes all items accumulatively checked out at any Hsinchu City municipal public library. Books and back issue magazines can be checked out for 21 days (including weekends and holidays) and can be renewed once. Audio-visual materials can be checked out for 7 days (including weekends and holidays) and can be renewed once (items may not be renewed if some has reserved them). The period of renewed checkout starts the day that the item is renewed. You may reserve up to 5 books or magazines, and 3 audio-visual items.

  5. If a checked out book comes with additional items (such as cassette tapes or CD) you should notify a library employee and check to make sure that the materials are correct.

  6. Public broadcast versions of audio-visual materials may only be checked out for use within the library, only family versions may be checked out to take home. CDs that come with books may not be individually checked out on their own, they must be checked out with the accompanying book.

  7. The following library materials may only be checked out for use within the library:
    i. Current issue magazines, newspapers and government (school) publications
    ii. New books on display
    iii. Other books and audio-visual materials labeled as limited to use within the library

  8. When checking out library materials you should make sure to check yourself if the materials have been torn, if there are circles or markings on the pages, if there are notes on the pages, if there are missing pages or stains, etc. and make register a statement with a library employee and have it stamped with the date in order to protect your rights.

  9. The official date of return and number of library books and magazines (including accompanying CDs) returned via the book return box shall be according to the date and number of books that were checked and accepted by the library. Checked out items that were not checked and accepted shall be determined according to the library’s records (or computer display).

  10. If the library urgently needs checked out library materials to be returned, you should return them within 3 days of being notified.

  11. Checked out materials should bused according to the guidelines of the Copyright Law.

III. Checkout Penalties

  1. Checked out books (including magazines and audio-visual materials) that are late in being returned will result in a corresponding termination of checkout rights. For every day that an item is late in being returned the reader shall be penalized with one day of checkout rights suspension (checkout rights suspension including checking out materials, reserving materials and inter-library loan/transfer services), the time period of suspension is started the day after the materials are returned.

  2.  If books or audio-visual materials are lost, have had annotations made on them, have been marked on, damaged, cut or stained the borrower should purchase the same or a newer version of the same book or audio-visual materials and give them to the library as reparations (if the item is a public broadcast item then a public broadcast version must be compensated).

  3. If the lost or damaged book or audio-visual item is part of a set that the book vendor does not individually sell, the reader must purchase the entire set themselves and give the missing or damaged book or audio-visual item of the set to the library. If the publisher no longer sells the book or item that is damaged or missing the reader should purchase an item of similar content that is equal to the price of the original item and give it to the library.

  4. If accompanying items (such as CDs) for books or audio-visual materials are lost and damaged it will be dealt with as if the entire item was lost or damaged.

  5. If books or audio-visual materials are taken out of the library without following the procedure outlined in these rules, other than returning the book, the offender will be dealt with according to the law, and their school or family will be notified.

IV. If there are matters not described in these rules the library may use administrative discretion to revise the rules.

V. These rules shall go into effect after they approved, the same is true for revisions.

  • Source:Library of Cultural Affairs Bureau,Hsinchu City
  • Date:2014-07-25