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Use Rule

Rules for the Cultural Bureau’s Main Library, Hsiang-Shan Branch Library and Yan-Shui Branch Library

I. Hours of Operation
Main Library
         Gereral Reading Room/Periodicals Area: 
              Tuesday – Friday 9:00-21:00 , Saturday、Sunday 9:00-18:00
         Audio-Visual Room/Children Reading Room: 
              Tuesday – Friday 9:00-17:00, Saturday、Sunday 9:00-18:00
         Digital Research Area/Literary Room: 
              Tuesday – Sunday 9:00 – 12:00; 13:00-17:00
         Self-Study Room: Monday – Friday 8:30 -21:00

Hsiang-Shan Branch Library
         Reading Room: Tuesday – Sunday 9:00-17:00
         Self-Study Room/Newspaper Reading Room: Tuesday – Sunday 9:00-21:00

Yan-Shui Branch Library
          Reading Room: Tuesday – Sunday 9:00 – 12:00; 13:00-17:00
          Self-Study Room/Newspaper Reading Room: Tuesday – Sunday 9:00-17:00

          The libraries are closed on Mondays, election days and other holidays

II. Application for Library Card

To apply for a library card, Taiwanese citizens must bring their National ID Card, Driver’s License or Household Registration. Chinese citizens must bring their ARC Card. Foreign citizens of other countries must bring their Passport. All forms of ID mentioned above must be original copies.

If the applicant is unable to apply for the library card themselves they can entrust an immediate family member to do it for them.

If the library card is lost or damaged you can apply for a replacement. You must bring the relevant form of ID (mentioned above) and NT100 for the processing fee.

Application services for library cards end one hour before the closing time of the library.

III. The Use of Grneral Reading Rooms

A library card can only be used by its owner or by immediate family.

For all of the Hsinchu municipal public libraries each library card can only checkout 10 books (including magazines) for 28 days and 5 audio-visual materials for 7 days, reserve 5 books (including magazines), 3 audio-visual materials. The due date of books and audio-visual materials can be renewed only once 5 days before expiration(except for those books and materials that have been reserved), the time of renewal starts from the day that they are renewed.

If a checked out book comes with additional items (such as cassette tapes or CD) you should notify a library employee and check to make sure that the materials are correct.

CD-ROM, family version of DVDs, VCDs and CDs in the audio-visual room can be checked out. Public broadcast version DVDs can only be viewed within the library.

Current-issue magazines of the General Reading Room can only be viewed inside the library. The back-issue magazines can be checked out.

Newspapers, current-issue magazines and reference materials inside the Children Reading Room can only be viewed inside the library.

When checking out materials from the library please check yourself to make sure if the item is damaged and get it stamped with the date to protect your rights.

The official date of return and number of library books and magazines (including accompanying CDs) returned via the book return box shall be according to the date and number of books that were checked and accepted by the library. Checked out items that were not checked and accepted shall be determined according to the library’s records (or computer display).

Checked out materials should bused according to the guidelines of the Copyright Law.

IV. Checkout Penalties

Checked out books (including magazines and audio-visual materials) that are late in being returned will result in a corresponding termination of checkout rights. For every day that an item is late in being returned the reader shall be penalized with one day of checkout rights suspension (checkout rights suspension including checking out materials, reserving materials reading services), the time period of suspension is started the day after the materials are returned.

If books or audio-visual materials are lost or damaged the reader should purchase the same or similar item published in the last year as compensation (For periodicals please purchase the newest issue). For any items that are not available for purchase the reader must pay a compensation fine of double the amount that the book or item was worth.

For lost or damaged books or audio-visual materials that were part of a set that the publisher does not sell individually, the reader must pay double the price of the individual item.

If books or audio-visual materials are taken out of the library without following the procedure outlined in these rules, other than returning the book, the offender will be dealt with according to the law, and their school or family will be notified.

V. Printing and Copying Fees

In order to efficiently allocate recourses and avoid unnecessary waste, readers must pay a fee for the provided printing services.

Generally copies will be made on the normal paper provided by the library. Black and white copies are 2NT each.

If the printed copy has undesirable marks, streaks or is unclear, unless it is a result of the printer malfunctioning, the printing fee will not be returned.

VI. Book Donation

Donators should agree that the books or audio-visual materials donated to the library can be used in the manner that the library deems proper.

VII. Other

Clean and tidy clothes and shoes should be worn in the library. Visitors should keep a quiet and clean environment. No eating, drinking, chewing gum, chewing binlang, wearing slippers/flip-flops, playing or sleeping.

Bags (when not in the self-study room), drinks, pets, and dangerous items are not allowed within the library. Putting up advertisements or engaging in the sale of products is not allowed.

Please keep track of valuable and personal items (including books, book bags, hand-held bags, etc.) yourself. The library is not responsible for taking care of these items.

When you enter the library please put your cellphones or other communication devices on silent mode so as not to disturb other readers.

The various equipment of the library should be properly cared for. Damages to equipment need to be paid for by the user.

Touring visits of the library should be scheduled at least 3 days in advance via mail, telephone or email in order to arrange a tour.

When reading periodicals or newspapers in the library, please take one item at a time. When applying to use audio-visual materials, please apply for one at a time. When you are done using an item please put it back in its original place, give it to a library employ or put it in its specified place.

Other than the Self-Study Room, seats in other areas of the library cannot be used to read books or view audio-visual materials that are not from the library.

Seats cannot be saved in the audio-visual room. Those who leave their seats for more than 30 minutes will have their use of the seat canceled by the library.

Those who have a record of 3 times of reserving materials and not picking them up will have their reserving rights suspended for 1 month starting the day after the 3rd occurrence.

In the case of an emergency please follow the emergency situation or evacuation instruction of library employees.

VIII. These rules will be put in to effect after approved by the Council Secretary, the same is true for any revision to the rules.

Violations of the above rules will be dealt with according to the corresponding penalties. Those who are in violation of the rules and do not listen to council must immediately leave the library. For severe cases the police will be called to deal with the situation according to the law.

  • Source:Library of Cultural Affairs Bureau,Hsinchu City
  • Date:2014-07-25